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The best month to sell your home

Before Marketing Your Property The Guild 25th April 2017

Spring is generally considered to be the best time to sell your home. The bright daylight will make your home look lovely and people tend to have clear schedules. 

But which month, exactly? 

To sell a home successfully, for the most amount of money in the shortest possible time, it’s essential that you find the right prospective buyers.

Timing is key to finding these buyers. If they aren’t looking for a home when yours is on the market, they won’t find your property. It’s difficult to pin down an exact month that’s best for selling; different houses appeal to different buyers who are looking at various times of the year. Therefore, it’s often best to think about the best month in relation to each type of property. 

Here’s are some of our tips on the best months for selling property:


One/two-bedroom flat: February

  • Popular with young professionals and, depending on the asking price, first-time buyers. 
  • February is an especially popular time for young professionals to start looking.
  • They are also known to start searching in September, when they’re no longer busy with summer holidays and weekends away, or would like to move before Christmas.


Three-bedroom house: April

  • A classic family home, a three-bedroom house tends to attract second-steppers climbing up the property ladder. 
  • In particular, they are popular with those who either have children or are planning to start a family. 
  • Avoid selling this kind of house in school holidays when your target buyers may be busy trying to find childcare. 
  • April is a good month to sell three-bedroom houses because the target buyers are likely to be looking. This is because Easter is out of the way and the summer holidays are still a couple of months away.


Four-bedroom house: February or April 

  • Four-bedroom properties are usually bought by people who are moving onto their third or fourth property and are naturally popular with families. 
  • You could opt for April, as you would if you were selling a three-bedroom house. 
  • February might be more effective, as you’ll avoid the influx of houses coming onto the market. 
  • It is important to stand out because your buyers are likely to be more selective and experienced in viewing houses.


Five-bedroom house: April 

  • Larger houses and luxury properties are typically more difficult to sell, as there are fewer buyers and those who are looking are searching for something special. 
  • The best month to sell a luxury home is typically in April, just like the family houses. 
  • As it’s already a busy time in the property market, you should put your home on the market as soon as possible to attract more buyers. 
  • Lots of other properties will also be for sale at this time, so make sure yours is marketed efficiently and has the best photographs.



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